Before I went to the bathroom in the morning, I looked at my mirror and thought, “My girl, you have to lose a gram, your thighs are out of control.” But then I started to wonder “why do I think so?” What is it that makes us judge our body so strictly? I have a healthy weight and I really should love and appreciate my body. For some reason, however, I just can not. And I know I’m not the only one.

One magazine asked a sample of 2,000 women from 18 to 45 how they feel about their bodies. 54% of women are unhappy with their appearance and 80% say their face in the mirror makes them feel bad. Repeat, 80%! The magazine had the same question in 1974 and guessed: The numbers are much smaller. 40 years ago, 32% of women were not happy with their body. What was it that went wrong in the years? According to magazine, more and more women feel bad about their image due to the following factors:

1. We do not compare ourselves with celebrities, compare ourselves with each other.

Obviously, we decided it was somewhat foolish to compare ourselves with actors and models. After all, they are paid to look good. They have personal chefs and coaches. However, we have replaced the unrealistic standards with people we know that are in our surroundings. If our friends on Facebook and Instagram look good why can not we?

2. We spend too much time online

It is a fact that 1.8 billion photos are shared every day on every social networking platform. Obviously we do not see each one of them, but it is true that we spend too many hours online. 4½ hours is the average of the time we spend, according to Glamor. We willingly expose ourselves to countless photos, and as you understand this over-exposure is devastating.

3. We ask for confirmation everywhere

Glamor calls us addicted to … like and explains that even when a woman is very confident, if one of her photos does not gather enough like or comments, she begins to wonder if she is really beautiful. Glamor also notes that plastic surgeons themselves have realized that the desire of several women for some surgery stems from the fact that they want to look better in social media.

I am not happy with these results and I find it totally disappointing. Think that although we have taken brave steps forward in accepting our body, there is always something that prevents us from conquering true happiness and self-esteem.

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