At the beginning of a relationship, in the first place the couple works more on a psychic level. What do we mean by that? They share things like good friends, they tease the world, they comment, they gossip when they go out together. Within this more relaxed context sometimes we may have annotation of other women . The same is true for women, and they can often comment on a boy.

Because the reader itself raised the question of insecurity, I would say that it is probably not a man’s personality issue. Very often we refer to the insecurity of the other … It should itself examine whether she has given her ok to her boyfriend since the beginning of the relationship, if she has allowed it to do so and has not set limits. Many times women accept it at first and then we protest. Do you want to shift a scholar to the man’s position?

Men, just like women, have eyes to see. But from then on, if their partner has encouraged them to make such conversations, is he not to blame? Is this the case in this case?

A useful advice I have to give is to avoid the characterizations of many women. Insecurity, showcasing. No, they do not really help us to make a relationship for which we care. Let us not interpret that, things. It is good to search for ourselves for such problems. And then we are exploring who is our partner and what kind of relationship, how serious we have with him and how we want to go ahead.

We do not know what the couple’s love life and relationship is, of course , whether it is as rich as the beginning of the relationship.

We certainly do not know their love life, whether they are rich as they were in the first place, that’s a question, and second, if that girl has any feelings about this boy. Will their relationship be something special, something unique? What is it looking for through this relationship?

The fact that she gets angry may be because she has not found the way to discuss this with her partner . They may have a good sex I do not know but maybe they have not installed the essential emotional contact in their relationship, talking about what they think and feel without ego, to see how everyone feels.

What needs, what desires, in order for the relationship to last and go further, is it interested in going further? What makes her angry? Are there other points in the relationship that disturb her and irritate her, and is it what he is presenting for now because he is more obvious than the rest?

And of course how will he speak to him?

Of course he should not say it angrily. She must find a way to express her respect for herself but also respect for him. She can say exactly what she feels like, “Okay, so far we’ve gotten it to the boobs, but now I’m not saying that, and I do not want to make any such comments. 

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