How many times have you not bought white sneakers and have you vowed to book them like that? Infinite! But because you spoil the … resolution every time you buy them, then you have to follow one of the following hacks! And thank you again …

White vinegar

White vinegar is a magical cleanser. Throw a small amount on a cloth or towel and then gently rub the worn white shoes.

Nail polish

With a clear nail polish you can also clean your white leather shoes. Instead of buying another couple and spending money, try it out and see results.


By rubbing the dirty spot with a clean cloth or toothbrush and hot enough water, you will see the stain disappear!

Changed cords

The cords are easily dirty after they sometimes crawl on the floor and may be the reason you often think your white shoes are dirty. Simple and practical solution!


Put a little on a toothbrush and start rubbing the rough surface. You can also use it on the white bottom of the shoe without damaging the shoe. Extra tip: Prefer a toothpaste with baking soda!