Washing your face morning and evening is the basic part of your face care. What can you do wrong in this process? That you can wash your face when bathing. And that does not do you good. Here the temperature of the water plays a role. Because when you wash your face with cold water you rejuvenate your skin and when you wash it with hot or even warm water then the only certainty is that you are “damaging”.

What not to do: Put warm water on your face.
What to do: Before you go for a bath, pour a little lukewarm water on your face.


Hot water makes your skin more sensitive and especially the area around the cheeks. It can also “ruin” the PH of the skin.

In general, what to do: You should wash your face with lukewarm water and then let the water absorb your skin on its own. Then she applied a moisturizing cream anyway.