The woman’s orgasm is a multifactorial and complex experience. it is defined as orgasm  the highest level of satisfaction of woman from sexual act,but it is not a mandatory parameter for all or all sexual contacts, but it is clearly not a decisive factor for the overall quality of her sex life and its satisfaction through it.

How Many Women Are Having Sexual Dysfunction?

It is a disorder involving a large percentage, up to 45% of women , but is usually not treated due to guilt and prejudice. About 10% of women have never orgasm, 18% have difficulty getting orgasm while 55% of orgasm women are not satisfied with the quality of orgasm but nor by its frequency.

But when do to talk about an orgasm problem?     

Orgasmic disorder, inhibited orgasm or anorgasm is the suspension of orgasm, permanent, recurrent or transient lasting for six or more months. The woman has a lot of difficulty getting orgasmic or delayed so that there is eventually complete absence of orgasm,despite the fact that the stimulation phase is well advanced. The lack of orgasm can occur from the beginning of the erotic life of the woman (primary) to occur after a period of normal orgasmic function (secondary), to apply to all erotic contacts and to all the comrades of the woman (generalized) or eclectic, that is, where appropriate and under specific circumstances.

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It may be due to psychological reasons related to the guilt of guilt, pleasure and aggression, inhibitions, feeling of inadequacy, low self-esteem and dissatisfaction, disappointment or discomfort experienced by a woman due to a bad image of herself. Any older traumatic sexual experiences and depression are also counteracted.

Even recorded organic causes as neurological diseases, spinal cord injury or pelvic atretic virginal membrane, cervicitis, vaginitis and other diseases such as diabetes, hypertension. Still responsible for the lack of orgasm is the use of psychotropic drugs, the abuse of alcohol and other addictive substances.

An important role, of course, is also played by factors such as the bad relationship with the partner, the lack of communication between the partners , as well as the devaluation of the significance of satisfaction and orgasm by the modern woman herself with the multiple roles (mother, husband, worker, partner) and increased responsibilities and responsibilities.

The difficulty in orgasm can also come from ignorance and inadequate sexual training as well as from the absence of nearly all the necessary conditions to achieve it, such as pre-erotic stretching, hardness and erection during atrial penetration, the adequate stimulation of the woman, her sexual desire, as well as her partner.

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Can it be addressed?

Primarily with honesty for the assumption of the problem . Although the treatment of the orgasmic disorder is feasible, women hardly reveal their problem and often resort to pretense – since the female orgasm is almost impossible to perceive by the man – so that their weakness can not be revealed, not hurt their companion or why there is no reason to try further because they assume that they do not reach orgasm.