Maternity is very important moment in women’s life.It can theoretically sound simple enough, but in practice it may take a lot of effort, since it plays a very important role in your chances of conceiving playing your lifestyle and health.Also, experts say that after the age of 32 the woman’s fertility begins to decline.

But even so there are some simple ways to increase your chances of getting pregnant.

Let’s see who they are:

Do not get nervous
Stress can block the capture, so it’s a good idea to try to relax as much as you can. Yoga and meditation are good solutions that are also recommended by experts.

Monitor your ovulation
Typically, you can get pregnant at any time in your cycle, since you have no abnormalities, but you are more likely to have ovulation. This happens about 14, the day of your cycle. According to experts, 7 days a month are ideal for getting pregnant: 5 days before ovulation, ovulation day and one day after.

Because it is difficult to have it in your mind, it is a good idea to keep a calendar where you will be cycling the days that interest you. Besides, there is also a mobile app for this purpose.

No lubricant
During sex, you should not use lubricants because they tend to destroy the sperm. Also, it is advisable not to flush after sex, as it changes your pH levels and therefore the effectiveness of the sperm.

Prenatal vitamins
Prenatal vitamins can be given to pregnant women in the event of reduced levels of minerals and trace elements necessary for the organism, but they are also ideal if you are trying to get pregnant because your body should work properly. Also, prenatal vitamins, such as iron and folic acid, also contribute to the normalization of your cycle.

No smoking
Cigarette increases the chances of premature menopause, so it will be good if you try to cut it or else reduce it drastically.

Do not overdo it with the gym
If you are trying to get pregnant, it is advisable not to overdo it as your body mass index decreases and your fat levels fall and your body “reacts” with difficulty in conception.

Lower alcohol and caffeine
According to experts, if you want to get pregnant, it is advisable to reduce alcohol and caffeine, as along with a possible medication you follow can greatly reduce your fertility levels. According to experts, you should not drink more than two cups of coffee a day.