Jealousy is one of the major things create rifts in any relationship, so, you can call it “Relationship Killer”.

Are you in the relationship and you have tends to get jealous? Do you think that your partner is being jealous of you? Do you displays your jealousy in different points or you have jealousy because of different reasons in your relationship?  So, today let me tell you the reason and the side effects of the jealousy in a relationship.

Cause of jealousy

feeling of insecurities

Whether your partner is cheating on you or not but you always believed that he or she is cheating on you, so you started keeping eyes on your partner, start observing all the movement of your partner, you just violate the privacy of your partner because of jealousy in a relationship etc.

What can you do?

Trust is the first step of love and if you have trust in your partner then your relationship can go much longer so, always trust your partner.

jealousy in a relationship because of past

We all have some good and bad past but when your partner I cheated on you in past then you just create jealousy in present relationship because of his past mistake than its wrong as may be your partner has learned the good things from his mistakes.

What to do?

Always remember that every relationship is not same and you have not done anything wrong with anyone so you deserve better things in your life, so,  don’t get negative thought from your partner past mistakes, if you have given the second chance to your partner than belief in your decision as well on your partner.

If you do not try to stops your tendency of jealousy in relationship than the relationship killer that is none another than jealousy can kill your pure and perfect relationship so, work on your jealousy before getting too late.