According to the study of central disease control, it has been noticed that around 11000 women in the country United States are diagnosed with cervical cancer and many of women’s get too late to get perfect as well as effective treatment. The cervical cancer is caused by the one of the sexually transmitted infection which is HPV ( human papillomavirus) but apart from HPV, cervical cancer caused many other factors like pregnancy, weak immune system, smoking, poor nutrition etc. In cervical cancer there are most common things that it starts with pre-cancerous changes so, find the pre-cancerous changes and treat it before it becomes true cancer. You can go for the Pap test or HPV test to diagnose the precancerous changes. HPV test is done with the help of the same sample which is collected for the Pap test.

Things to do to prevent Cervical Cancer

Use condom

The condom will provide the protection against the infection HPV which is responsible for cervical cancer. So, always use the condom to get safe from all sexually transmitted diseases.

Don’t smoke

If you smoke than it can increase the change of cervical cancer so reduce the risk of cancer by avoiding the smoking.

Get vaccinated

There are many vaccines are there which should start from the age of 11 or 12 which can prevent HPV infections. Cervarix and Gardasil vaccine which is recommended for girls are available to protect the girls against the HPV infections.

Go for the routine checkup

It should be very clear to you that vaccine cannot get you 100% preventation from HPV infections so you need regular check up of Pap test as well as HPV test so that you can prevent from cervical cancer.


Many research shows that your healthy diet which is rich in fruits, as well as vegetables and physical activities, help you to prevent from cervical cancer as these things are helpful in reducing the risk of cervical cancer.

So, above we have share you some tips through which you can keep your body healthy as well as free from cervical cancer. These all are simple steps but you can save your life by reducing the risk of cancer so, follow the tips and live away from the risk of cancer.