Parenting is the most responsible job ever but sometimes it is really the best things in the world but some time it becomes worst. No matter how much organized your or, no matter what you have decided to do or what you are doing but you will always find yourself saying as well as doing and experiencing the things that you have never thought to do. By following Instagram pages, Facebook pages or searching on the internet we expectation goes high and you are dreaming like the same situation but the reality is far from that so, today’s we will tell you some interesting fact about reality vs. expectation.

1) Cooking with kids

Expectation: when we try to cook food with your children we expect the smiling face and healthy food and kids are too excited to cook food with you.

Reality: your children have never entered your kitchen and if enters he just wasted all things.


Newborn photo shoot

Expectation: you can’t wait to show everyone that how cute, innocent, beautiful your baby is?

Reality: you found your wet clothes after having the baby on your arm.


The baker’s man can

Exception: you with your children are going to cook something delicious for the treat.

Reality: he just plays with all ingredients and your dog is also involved in this.


Arts and craft

Expectation: you have created the beautiful design with your children.

Reality: when your art is complete it’s really looking very haunting.


Family portraits

Expectation: you are enjoying your time and you have created the very memorable moment with your children.

Reality: hope the child will safe if you are taking the pictures like this with your kids.



Expectation: your skin will glow and you will wear some coordinated outfits and you will post the pictures of the belly on social media.

Reality: forget about these things it will really burn your heart.


Family Outing

Expectation: all the members of the family including your child will play together as well as stay together.

Reality: who is that kids? Is he is mine?


Dinner Time

Expectation: your children are eating all the green vegetables by thinking of their health.

Reality: they have many excuses to skip the food.

So here is some expectation vs reality which you feel during parenting. Your kids are really very special for you so whatever you are doing for your kids are very special for them.


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