men have to learn about sex . Sexuality for man is like a puzzle that he tries to make through testing and deception . Experience is certainly useful and helpful, but it is not everything. Even men makes mistakes even if he has many sexual experiences with women, which could have been avoided if they were better informed. What are these:

1) Men think that sex don’t depend upon Relationship

Often, men forget that sexual act takes place in an erotic relationship and as a result, satisfaction is directly related to satisfaction with the relationship. Experts even point out that sex is often reflected in the problems of a relationship . For example, a woman may not be open to sexual experience with a companion who does not offer her emotional security.

Many times, it is the recent behavior of a man that affects the quality of the sexual act . A woman may think of his behavior the previous hour, the day before, even last week.

Finally, men seem to be unable to easily appreciate the right time for sexual encounter,so many women often complain that their partner is manifesting his sexual desire at the most inappropriate moments. This is because men tend to be much easier and faster than women. For women, the best time for sex is when they relax, do not hurry, and have no urgent obligations.

1.       The man is sure he knows how to satisfy a woman.

The first mistake scientists say is their confidence that they know how to sexually enjoy a woman. Often men assume that the same way they give pleasure to a woman works for everyone . But this is not the case, since every sexual partner acquires a new knowledge about the female body and the female pleasure . The sexuality of every woman is complex and truly unique. Genital anatomy varies from woman to woman, as is the way the body responds to the sexual stimulus . A stimulus for example that gives pleasure to one woman can be indifferent to another, even annoying for a third. 

The desired rate of intercourse, the desired depth of penetration, beloved attitudes, the moment when a stimulus is appropriate , all differ from woman to woman.

For example, the various sexual postures allow different angles of penetration, which however depend on both female anatomy and the size and shape of the penis . Differences in the shape and height of the bodies of the two companions may result in some attitudes being better than others. Additionally, for some women, face-to-face intimacy is necessary during intercourse.


2. Men have great expectations in Sex

Many men have unrealistic beliefs about the frequency of sexual contacts , which are based on comparisons with the supposed frequency of others.

They compare themselves with other men, usually peers, and are convinced that everyone around them has more sex than them . Experts, however, point out that there is not the right number of sexual contacts for someone, there are no norms. A great 2010 study has shown that the frequency of men’s sexual activity varies greatly depending on age and whether they are in a stable relationship. In the 25-29 age group, for example, 33% of the Americans who had a relationship found themselves having sex twice a week. The rate fell to 4% in the free and climbed to 43% for married people.

The above findings do not, of course, mean that married people do the most sex, because this group also has significant differences depending on age. At the age of 30-39, for example, the percentage of married couples who have sex twice a week falls to 33%, the 40-49 age group, 24%, the 50-59 age group to 16% and finally the 60 -69, at 10%.

3. Men do not talk about sex.

Most couples seeking treatment for their sexual problems have one audience: they do not talk to each other about sex. Often this happens when they do not have the words to do it either because they do not know the right terms or because they do not feel comfortable using them . A man may for example use the term “vagina” while referring to the vagina. Therapists report that in this case, the original aim is to familiarize them with these words. At the same time, it is important for a man to understand that it is very difficult for a woman to say exactly what she wants in sex , and most of the time, an open question like “What do you like?” Can not help her.More effective are specific questions directly related to the experience and practice of the sexual act. So the man can offer the woman some choices to tell him what he prefers.

Many men not only reluctant to speak during the sexual act but also think they should remain silent. Most of the time, however, it is very important to give each other verbal directions during contact . There is no need to say many words . Rare vocabulary can only be used if both want it.

Finally, experts point out that men should not restrain the natural sounds produced during sexual activity because they are particularly stimulating and help their comrades experience the maximum of sexual experience.

5. Do not know enough about the clitoris

Most men have a general idea of ​​what the clitoris is and they can find it, but many do not know everything they should. It is located at the top of the external genital organs, above the urethra and the vagina. Her body is made up of cormorant bodies, which during sexual stimulation are filled with blood and there is an erection of the clitoris. The clitoral glans are the small swelling that can be seen by lifting the jaw in the front and upper pockets. When the clitoris is in erection, the legs rise and the glans appear, the vessels and nerves distributed in the clitoris are roughly the same as those of the penis in the male.

The clitoris is the woman’s erectile organ and is therefore particularly sensitive . Both the clitoral body and the glans have rich neurosis and this results in high sensitivity. In some women, the clitoral glove is so sensitive that it does not even withstand the touch in the area. These women do not want a direct irritation of the glans, but of the inner body of the clitoris. Other women may prefer indirect clitoral irritation by exerting pressure or vibrating on other areas of the vulva.

The majority of women need a degree of clitoral irritation to reach orgasm. Ventricular penetration is not enough for most women, and may be inadequate to achieve female orgasm


It is noticed that after the age of 30 men tend to have less sex, but that does not mean that their sexual life is getting worse as the years go by. Experts say the frequency of sexual intercourse has little to do with the sexual satisfaction of the individual . What, in fact, is a lot, or a little change over time. Twice a week they can imagine many if one is free and a few if they are groomed. After 10 years of marriage, a lot can be seen especially if the couple has gotten children.

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