Depression is the mental illness which can ruin your relationship. Many people are there in this world who has suffered from depression which does not affect their thoughts; personality, responsibilities but depressions also create effects on relationships. Now we are going to discuss the ways through which the depression can ruin a relationship.

Depression can make you feel that you are not perfect or good enough for your partner

According to the research of the psychologist, it has been noticed that one of the major problems comes in the life of depressed people is self-doubt. When you are in depression you can get the clear view because you have set in your mind that you are good for your love life or your partner. Many times it happens that you started thinking that your partner does not love or does not care about you, these all types of thinking comes in your mind because of depression which makes your relationship in doubt.

It can kill your sex drive

Depression can cause the lack of interest in sex; some depression medication is also responsible for the lack of interest in sex. In depression your mind gets sick so, during sex, if your mind is not much active than it can interfere the erection in male and in the female it will interfere in the ability of orgasm.

Depression can create many unnecessary dramas in your relationship

When you are in the relationship than its common to have negative thinking which can cause the fight with your partner. Even you can start the fight on the silly things that have no sense. The fight can make your relationship weak and you are fighting because you are depressed and you just get negative thought because of that.

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It also interferes with communication

You did want to share your problems with your partner, you did want to talk or convey with your partner, you really feel very hard to find the words to talk with your partner, even the people who are in depressed feel pointless to communicate with their partner and we all know the importance of communication in any relationship.

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It is really very hard for you to love fully

Many studies are there who show that depression can destroy happy as well as the healthy relationship because when we deal with own mental problems than its really very difficult to focus on someone’s else feeling, even you know that you love your partner some but you cannot feel it.

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