Anal Sex is generally a major taboo but many of the couples are there who enjoy the anal sex. Anal sex is really very enjoyable because it contracts rhythmically during the intercourse or during orgasm but there are many reports who say that it is very painful for the first time. Many of the men, women as well as gay and bisexual enjoy the anal sex. However, you need to be very careful during the first anal sex as it is really very painful as well as risky. So, if you are curious about doing anal sex for the first then you can read these guidelines so that you can enjoy your anal sex.

Relax your mind as well as your body

If you are beginner than before doing anal sex you need to take a few minutes for relaxing your whole body. You can take deep breathing or wine glass to get relax.

Use lubrication

As you Vagina produce some lubricant through which the intercourse become easy but anus does dot release any kind of lubricant so, use silicon-based lubricant because the condom will compatible with oil based lubricant. You can also use water as the lubricant as will help you in better anal sex.

Assume the right position

You really need to understand the right position before having anal sex. One of the best positions for the first time anal sex is girls on top because it will help you to manage the speed as the depth of penetration. Many people like doggy style which gives the full control to the men to speed up the anal sex but it will not better for the first time anal sex.

Remain in control

The lining of the penis is too sensitive so you need to be very careful and always have to remain in control during sexual intercourse. You should enter your penis into anus very slowly and use lubricant at the time of entering the penis in the anus.

Use condom

The condom will help you to protect from all sexually transmitted diseases so, always wear the condom before doing anal sex.

So above we have listed some easy and important guide which can help you to enjoy anal sex without any risk or pain.

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