According to the studies it has been reveal that one women in every 12 women may stalked by someone at least once in a life. Most of the women identify the stalker but many times it happens that you know someone stalking you but you can’t sure that the person is stalking you, so today we will share some sign through which you identify your stalker.

1) You can see them in every random place

If anyone stalking you than you can find him on every random place even you can see him on that place where you did not go on regular basis.

2) They will always call you

Even you don’t know about the person or never met him physically but they will call you can and remains silent on call and they will always find the ways through which they can communicate you.

3) They has so much information about you

The person who is stalking you will keep your lots of information with the help of social media or by asking your friends.

4) You can receive unknown presents

It’s very scary to get the gifts from unknown one but you can get some surprised gifts from the unknown person but if you are receiving numbers of gifts from the unknown person then you need to take some action against it.

5) They really have no limits or boundaries

Stalker is really very dangerous and if they has set the target to follow you than he will not back off by even warning.

6) The unexplained damaged to your home as well as property

The stalker can damage your think to seek your attention or they can do other activities through which they can get your attention.

7) They know all the places where you go 

They will follow you every time and they will know that where you go and why you go there? If the stalker is really very serious about you than he can also find the place where you hang out?

8) They can take a few steps to know about you

They can go to your friends, family, social media to know much about you, they will do much research to know everything every little thing about you.

9) They will follow every post of your social media

They can send you the friend request on social media by making fake id or they can send the friend request by their real id and try to keep eye on every single post that you have posted on social media.

10) They can post your information on the internet

If the stalker is really very serious than to get your attention they can share your personal information on the internet which he knows about different sources like family, friends, social media etc

If someone manipulates or misuse your personal information then take the help your seniors or you can also go to the police as they will definitely help you in this but never take these things lightly in your life as it can become more dangerous for you.

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