Depression is a type of common as well as a serious mental illness that can affect your thinking, feeling, interest etc which can lead lots of physical and emotional problems which can also effect on the ability to do work. Depression can be caused by your environmental conditions, by psychological or social conditions, or by some biological conditions like a change in neurotransmitter levels in the body. The depression can also be caused by the genetics.

10 Major depression symptoms are

1) A feeling of sadness 

When you have a depressed mood than you can’t be happy and that’s why you will always feel sad.

2)  Loss of interest

You cannot get much interested even in your favorite things which you have enjoyed lots and you will also ignore to do the interesting activities.

3) A change in appetite

You can notice the weight Loss or weight can which is not related to your dieting.

4) Trouble in sleeping or too much sleep

You can find that you got lots of sleep or you are not getting you to sleep on your time or you will find trouble in sleeping.

5) Loss of energy

You can feel weakness inside you because of loss of energy.

6) Feeling worthless or guilty

You can have the feeling of worthless or guilty for those things which you have not done.

7) Difficulty in thinking as well as concentrating

When you are suffering from depression than you will not concentrate on your work or even you will find some difficulties in thinking about good things or about your work.

8) Suicidal thoughts

Many studies are there who proves that depression can be caused b suicidal thoughts and even the people who are in depression can attempt suicide also.

9) Restlessness

If you are in depression than you feel in restlessness in your body as you never feel relaxed.

10) Slow movement or slow speech 

Depression can make your movement, as well as speech, slow automatically.

So, above we have shared some symptoms of the depression. If you have these symptoms on you and you are suffering from depression then let me tell you that depression is treatable so you can consult the doctor who can treat you with the drug, like antidepressants. Apart from that, you will some psychotherapy which is also known as talking therapy where the doctor can find the reason behind your depression and can help you in treating you. So, consult with psychologist or doctors and get away from the depression.

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